Upcoming Adventure: 100 Days of FPGA and Digital Design

In the next 100 days starting Monday, 10th June 2019, I will be actively tracking my efforts in ramping up on Digital Design and FPGAs. They aren’t easy topics to master by any means, and 100 days may not be enough but still I consider it worth giving a shot as it would give my learning effort a momentum. Because of my full-time commitments I’ll only be able to give 1-2 hours to this on weekdays, let’s see how it goes!

I’ve created a separate site to track my progress – it’s at https://100dayfpga.theembeddedkitchen.net. There’s a lot of FAQ on the front page of the sub-site, please go ahead and read it to understand why I am doing this challenge. I’ll also be using the hashtag #100DayFPGA on social media to tag my efforts!

If you have any suggestions on what I could take up during my 100-day effort, please feel free to email me or leave a comment below. Wish me luck!


The sub-site is created in Hugo and served over GitLab Pages. I’ve just started to get a feel for static sites and one day I plan to migrate over The Embedded Kitchen over to Hugo as well but there’s no rush – it’ll take time and I would not like to break anything during the migration.

There’s now also a Discourse discussion forum at https://discourse.theembeddedkitchen.net to discuss articles on the site as well as about this challenge – I plan to migrate away from Disqus comments in the near future to inline Discourse threads on each article.