Personal Portfolio

I’d like to start the journey with a few photographs of myself as a kid at various stages – how I learnt about circuits and electronics: … to these circuit scribblings on paper:
This one was an “inverter”. Notice “Graphics Card” (lol) and NVIDIA on the middle left board. These don’t have a date but IIRC was made around 2005
My view of the insides of a CD Player-casette player combo.
My view of what a cockpit flight display would look like (c 2006 or 7)
Innards of a DVD Player

… to this in Dec. 2012 …
BeagleLogic (First cape designed) and the BeagleLogic Cape (Early 2015)

BeagleLogic Standalone [2017]

Visit for more information.

My Masters’ Project [2017]

This involved developing a haptic feedback device for augmented reality purposes. I have a link in my statement of objectives about this.