Announcing: BeagleLogic Standalone

Today, I’m delighted to announce something that I’ve been working on the past four months, which is now alive and doing exactly what it was meant for. A Standalone, turnkey logic analyzer based on the work I did for BeagleLogic. And is aptly titled – BeagleLogic Standalone.beaglelogic-standalone-top

BeagleLogic Standalone is a specialized version of the BeagleBone which is intended to be used a logic analyzer based on BeagleLogic.

Describing it as an equation, (BeagleLogic Standalone) > (BeagleBone) + (BeagleLogic). The greater than comes from the fact that the BeagleBone + BeagleLogic has up to 14 logic inputs, BeagleLogic Standalone has 16. It has 1000Mbps Ethernet, while the BeagleBone has just 100Mbps.

This logic analyzer has networking capabilities (10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet); it can be used to used to debug circuits remotely. And as it is a full-featured Linux computer, you can run the sigrok set of tools directly on the BeagleLogic Standalone board (they come preinstalled in the BeagleLogic system image), or on your host PC. It has 16 channels and can sample up to 1.5 seconds of data at the maximum sample rate, which is 100MSamples/sec (3 seconds of data if using only the first 8 channels).

If you are interested in purchasing one of these boards, please fill up this form, and I’ll keep you informed.

The rest of this post is dedicated to describing the story behind the creation of BeagleLogic Standalone.

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