BeagleLogic Update -1 : 7th May 2014

It’s been almost a week since I began work on BeagleLogic after my finals, and with another 12 days remaining for the Community Bonding period, here’s an update on the things accomplished so far (mostly administrative):

  • We now have currently as a mirror to this blog. In due course of time, the project will migrate to its own GitHub pages and website.
  • The GitHub repository for BeagleLogic has been created. This will carry the front-end HTML files mostly, with the actual libraries including sigrok, sigrokdecode and our BeagleLogic Server as submodules to it.
  • Set up a build environment for cross-compilation with the required libs and package config files copied in from the BeagleBone Black Debian System Image (23rd April beta release). Successfully built libsigrok, libsigrokdecode and sigrok-cli and executed on the BeagleBone Black and it decodes a bundled sample DS1307 I2C dump as shown below:
    sigrok-cli SSH BeagleBone Black
    SSH from the BeagleBone Black: Screenshot showing sigrok-cli successfully decoding a dump of DS1307
  • Create the presentation for my project as required by The draft slides can be viewed here, I will be recording, uploading and posting the video soon, and also updating it at the eLinux wiki page.

The cross compilation, though accomplished, has a few rough edges as I had to edit the pkg-config descriptors for each dependency library for a non-standard prefix. I now use PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR and compile with a standard ‘/usr’ prefix with untouched pkgconfig files from the BeagleBone Black, but it seems that a few modifications are needed in the build script to build smoothly. Once this is accomplished, I would be publishing complete build instructions and a cross-compilation script to build sigrok from source for the BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black running Debian Wheezy.

There will be the next update on 14th May 2014, which would be Update 0, after which Update 1 will happen on 21st once coding begins on May 19th.

Stay connected for the latest updates on BeagleLogic.

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